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Our animal stars

    This small tamarin monkey was rescued in the central park of Escazu, she was almost totally starving and in panic. Luna is a species of monkey that is endemic to Costa Rica, this means that in the entire world, only in Costa Rica this specific tamarin monkey exists, our group is now in a breeding project which is expected to reinstate the environment once adult offsprings we achive to breed.

This ocelot was rescued in a kindergarten's garden in Escazu, he had a fight with a domestic dog and had wounds in his legs and torso. Once awakened from anesthesia it was evident by his lack of aggressiveness and its association with humans that we were in front of a case of illegal wild animal pets in captivity. Unable to associate the human as predator and used to being diurnal, it is an extremely difficult case to reinstate the environment.

   It is a spider monkey was rescued by MINAE after police broke into a drug dealer house, she was in a birdcage, so she is extremely aggressive and her mental health is not normal. She now lives with a male spider monkey and behaves like a almost normal monkey again.

  This little Marmoset White Brush monkey has other two pals, these animals are native to South America in Brazil. In wild life they would starve because their diet does not exist in our country. Tulio was found in a Hatillos ceilings and delivered some neighbors concerned about his welfare; Now he enjoys good health and we expect a long life as an ambassador for education in the shelter.

 Cappuchin monkeys have a serious threat as they are favorites in the illegal pets trade, it is common to receive calls from people who want to deliver monkeys as Jorge to shelters across the country. Refugio Herpetologico and is home to 4 capucchin monkeys that all were pets, now they are getting used to live like monkeys and enjoy of good health.

She is a badger, she was found by a neighbor of Puriscal in a river, thinking he rescued a puppy in the river side, but then having the surprise actually rescue a baby badger. This species is very shy and is not commonly found, they are omnivorous animals that eat fish especially in rivers.

This baby deer arrived to the shelter with only a few weeks old, he is an orphan beacuse some hunters killed and consumed his mother, then they brought him to San Jose to sell as an illegal pert. He is now growing quicly an in perfect health, we hope one he is old enough he can be relocated in a specialized deer facility to start the process to release him back to nature.

This beautiful red macaw was an illegal pet for over 8 years, she never learned how to fly because usually this animals get stealen from their nests as babies. For this reason she can not be released. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle and loves to greet people with a warm HOLA !! every time they pass her by.

After 3 transfers off its territory in Canas, this large 4-meter crocodile was to be sacrificed by local people, tired of living afraid of him, they to handcuffed the crocodile so tightly that they ripped off both his hands. Today SOBEK lives a life of leisure at the shelter and because of his missing limbs he cannot be released back to nature, as he cant move properly on the ground.

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