Our guided tour - Refugio Herpetologico Costa Rica

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Our guided tour

The tour starts in our entrance where you'll find a real size crocodile for you to tame for the photos!

Here you will have the opportunity to see Oleg and Alik, some highly spoiled ocelots, while sleeping peacefully in his caves or tree tops.

The first stage of the shelter is the snakes tour, you will be able to observe up close poisonous and non-poisonous snakes of Costa Rica.

Charlotte and Pancho, the spider monkeys that live in the shelter, you will meet them when you visit!

The turtle tour will allow you to see 6 types of turtles from a super-colorful species to the snapping turtle!

You will be able to feed sunflower seeds to our macaws and parrots on their outdoors perches

The cappuchin monkeys will give you a show with their mocking faces and their games

Our caiman residents are always sunbathing, so you can observe them in detail

Luna, Sol and Eclipse, our most spoiled residents, this little squirrel monkeys will jump from one side to another to meet you

Sobek's and Aphrodite's enclosure is very interesting because it has a view under the water, so you will have the opportunity to see a crocodile smoothly moving in their favorite place.

Our trails and bridges are mostly cemented and have no ladders to allow the confortable passage of wheelchairs and baby strollers.

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