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What to do with sankes

Como rescatar

There's a snake in my house ...
What to do?!

Some basic steps are:

The main thing is to maintain the safety distance between the animal and us, that is one meter.
Then it is important to know what kind of snake is it, the vast majority of snakes that appear in our homes are not poisonous, so if an animal is harmless, there is no reason to kill it.

What species is it? you can consult online or take a picture of the animal and ask sending the image to our email.

If the snake is not dangerous ?, it is important to understand that if you are in our backyard, it will go away soon, or if you are inside the house, with simple tools like a broom, we can push it gently into the yard, where it will leave without further assistance.

If the snake is poisonous, call the Fire Department of Costa Rica through the emergency number 911. Do not attempt to grab or cover or scare it, snakes are very fast animals and some species such as Fer-de-lance are very aggressive, so it is not advisable to manipulate in no way.

The Fire Department of Costa Rica has received training in wildlife management, either by our shelter and other institutions. They already have trained units and implements necessary for the rescue of poisonous or dangerous to human animals. We invite you not to kill wild animals, but rather to call for help.

The Herpetological Refuge receives all kinds of wild animals requiring relocation, so if the snake is not poisonous and are in a container, can either release it in a river near the property or can bring to the shelter where take to a national park for their reintegration into the environment

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