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Sponsors that make a difference

Globalvia Ruta 27
In early 2014 the company Globalvia Route 27 and Refugio Herpetologico signed an alliance in which the shelter is committed to:
Train all the staff that work daily on the streets, so when an encounter with a wild animal happens they will know how to handle safely, rescue and deliver the animals who suffer accidents on the road to the shelter.   http://www.autopistasdelsolcr.com/

Pets Market
The shelter is receiving a monthly donation of food and supplies from our sponsor Pets Market, that helps greatly with animals that need specialized food supplies, such as the badger Katniss, how is their main interest in sponsorship.

El Pueblo Veterinary
  This great friend, Rufino, has always collaborated with the shelter, from its begginings. He monthly donates dog food with which we help in feeding animals that are omnivores.

    Salitre collaborates monthly with the donation of different types of food, these donations are a tremendous help in the shelter since 60% of all residents are omnivores and need different types of supplements.  http://www.agrosalitre.com/

He is the mobile fruit seller of Santa Ana with his 70 something years old, he donates to us all the fruit that people do not buy because it is too mature. All monkeys and birds shelter love mature fruit, so this donation is always welcome and animals enjoy it!

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