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Volunteer program

Our volunteer program is an unpaid volunteer program designed for volunteers to assist in all tasks like feeding, maintenance and entertain animals that are living in the shelter.

Volunteers help us also welcoming visitors at the entrance, explaining our goals and answering any questions that the visitors may have about the shelter or its resident animals. Learning about wildlife management will grow as the volunteer spend more days in the shelter, from positive interaction with animals to good diet and reproduction.

If you like reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and are also interested in preserving the environment, you can be perfect for this program.

Volunteer activities: interacting with visitors, maintenance of animal enclosures, answer basic questions about animals, training of wild resident animals that are in the shelter, cleaning, preparation of diets, among many other things... If you like wildlife, you will enjoy.

Volunteer to stay a month: This type of volunteering is perfect for adult volunteers who want help for a longer time. The volunteer fee per month is ¢25.000 colones, and the volunteer can come every day he or she wants within the hole month. It is necessary also always to assist to the shelter shirt and respect the conditions of volunteering.

Volunteer Caregiver for a day: perfect for little animal lover boys and girls that only want to go on weekends or a few times per month, the fee per day is ¢4,000. To volunteer you must have more than 7 years and you have to love animals!

The volunteer fee is merely symbolic and helps us to continue our work.

We ACCEPT volunteers who need to perform Community Work in their highschool and Community Work in their University career. If you want to book TCU or TCE here just fill out our form and send us an email with the dates you would like to make your hours.

Formulario de Voluntariado

I accept the conditions, rules and regulation

Remember that you are not going to be contacted to strt your volunteer program, you have to tell us YOUR time availability. You can send it either by mail ( or call us at 2282-4614. The volunteer program only accepts 6 volunteers per day, so remember to book your space.

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